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This is a detailed step by step tutorial guiding you trough the download, installation and configuration of required software and the actual bot script.

To eventually run the bot script you need to have a software called botfather. Botfather is a bot framework and will be used to run the DarkOrbit bot script, which contains the bots logic.

TL;DR / Table of contents

  1. Install Botfather
  2. Download the botscript
  3. Configure and run the bot
  4. Get support

1. Install Botfather

First you need to download botfather from the official website. Botfather is availabe for Microsoft Windows and any modern Linux distribution.

Windows installation

  1. Download the botfather installer
  2. Run the the installer (no admin rights required)
  3. Click trough the wizard. Done.

Linux installation

  1. Follow the Flatpak quick setup guide
  2. Install the Botfather Flatpak from Flathub

2. Download the botscript

Botfather has an integrated script manager, from which you can install and update botscripts listed on their website.

  1. Open botfather (from the application menu or desktop shortcut)
  2. Click the Add bot button
  3. Select DarkOrbit Pixel Bot (“PBDO-BOT”) and install it

3. Configure and run the bot

Select the just installed bot and click on its Config tab. Edit the config to meet your needs. Remember that you can install the script multiple times and have multiple configurations (eg. for different accounts).

If you don’t use auto login you need to load and login into the game manually. Use Crtl-C and Crtl-V to copy paste your login credentials into the botfather browser. Typing doesn’t work.

Select your bot, then click the Start bot button.

Get support

Follow these steps if something doesn’t work as expected:

  1. Enable debug mode in your bots settings
  2. Try to run the bot again
  3. Save/copy the debug log and ask for help on our Discord server