DarkOrbit "PBDO-BOT" 2020

The "new" PBDO Bot was one of the most trusted DarkOrbit bots out there. Since 2015 not a single pbdo user has been banned for using the bot. (Atleast none told us). We had a great community and many moderators/supporters helping us.

For the time being we're no longer selling bots. But we decided to open source our algorithms, so anyone can study them. The original pixel bot was written in C++ and thus hard to understand. So we decided to rewrite our bot algorithms in Javascript and make them runnable using the botfather framework.

This bot is not to be confused with the original PBDO package bot which was not made by us! Our bots name originated in a spare domain we had and the quest for creating a public accessible DarkOrbit bot anyone can use and learn from.

TL;DR You can download our open source bot script and run it using botfather for free.

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Roadmap & Features:


The "PBDO-BOT" bot script is an free and opensource javascript file that anyone can study and modify. It contains the bots logic code telling Botfather (a bot framework) what to do.

For example: How to navigation maps, how to collect bonus boxes and repair the ship.

There are several ways to support this opensource project. A good start would be to stop spending money on payed bots. Instead give some of that money to the DarkOrbit developers. No one wants the game to die, we as players just don't want to spend hours grinding while wasting our lives.

Speaking of time wasted: Consider spending some time on learning to make bots yourself. That way you have fun playing a game while learning to code.

Read the bots code, improve it and think of new features and implement them. We're happy to see your pull request on GitHub.

Last but not least: Report bugs by creating and contributing to issues on GitHub.