Looting Boxes

The bot script can collect bonus and event boxes efficiently. To collect loot, enable the corresponding setting, make sure the game runs in 2D mode and set the ingame settings low.

Increase your earnings

To increase your earnings from bonus boxes consider botting on PVP maps. On PVP maps such as 4-1, 4-2 and 4-3 you get 50% more loot from bonus boxes.

Further increase your earnings by spending Research Points on the Pilot Sheet Skill Tree. Skills like Luck I, Luck I and Tractor Beam II increase the Uridium and Extra Energy earnings significantly.

Once you collected enough Uridium, a PET drone might be a good investment. But solely having a PET using the autolooter-gear won’t increase your earnings by much. You really want to buy as much Salvage Protocols as possible to eventually get 36% more out of boxes collected by your PET.