Frequently Asked Questions

Get instant answers for the most common questions and learn how to become a pro.

Where to get support and help?

This FAQ page provides solutions to most problems and questions users recently had. Join our Discord server to get even more help by the community, supporters or even developers. But please don't waste their time by asking questions already answered by this FAQ page.

The bot is not working or is getting stuck

  • Make sure you have Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 installed.
  • Make sure you have Flashplayer for Opera and Chromium - PPAPI installed. (even if Flash is already working for you, this is an alternative version required by the bot to run).
  • Make sure you have watched DarkOrbit's daily "pre-roll" ad video.
  • Ingame windows must have visible (non transparent) borders.
  • Ingame windows must have an margin to other ingame windows, so they don't overlap/cover another.
  • Currently the game must be set to 2D mode. If the bot doesn't adjust the graphics mode automatically, you must fix this manually.
  • Generally make sure that all ingame settings covered by the bot are either set by the bot or manually by you.
  • Take a debug screenshot, take a look at it or send it to us, so we can analyse it.

How to take a debug screenshot?

While the Bot is making problems, click on "help" (top menu) and then on "Take debug screenshot". The debug screenshot will be saved in the PBDO-BOT folder. (Same directory where pbdo-bot.exe is located). On those screenshots you see what the bot is doing with your account. You may spot an error message or something else conspicuous which may be usefull to fix problems/bugs.

In order to protect your account, send those screenshot only to members of the team via Discord; don't show them to other users if you don't know them well.

Is a license required to use PBDO-BOT?

From time to time the bot can be tested without having a license. Those time periods are limited, so better buy a license to have nearly permanent access to the bot.

I bought a license but it has been not added yet.

Your license will be automatically added to your account as your payment has been processed by the payment service provider you used (like PayPal) and by our licensing system. However errors may orrure, so if you checked your payment and it has been processed but there is no new transaction on your PBDO account history, feel free to contact us. Bought a license long long time ago? Check why is my old license not working?

Why is my old license not working?

Probably because you bought it from We have no access to the old accounts and no contact to the old developers. See what happed to the old bot.

What happed to the old bot (pbdo-bot.COM)?

The website pbdo-bot.COM and it's bot is gone. The games publisher blocked and secured the way how their bot interacted with the game.

We are an completely new team coming up with new ideas an plans. We want to make a working, safe to use and undetectable Bot.
Just to be clear: We have no contact to the old developers, we don't even know who they are.

Is PBDO-BOT undetected and safe to use?

Yes. Because we're just simulating a normal player. The bot takes always random but logical actions. This way the bot acts not retarded but safe because there is no routine procedure.

I lost my password, what can I do?

Due security reasons there is currently no way to reset your password without making contact with us.

How to collect bonusboxes more efficient?

There are 4 highly recommended thinks you may do to increase your gainings:

  • You should collect on battlemaps. According to the DarkOrbit Wiki you will get x1.5 more from boxes than on regular maps.
  • You can spend your Pilot Points on "Luck I", "Luck 2", "Tractor Beam I" and "Tractor Beam I". It's really worth to do this, check the Wiki.
  • You may use a PET equipped with the "G-AL1 Auto-looter-gear" to collect even more boxes.
  • You should buy "Salvage Protocols" for your PET. Each tier 3 protocol will increase your earning by 3% <3

How to get involved?

Since we moved from Teamspeak to Discord, we're actively looking for new supporter/moderators. We hope to extend our ability to support more languages and collect more feature requests and user feedback.

Anyone with anykind of premium license could eventually become part of our team as supporter. Of course you should be experienced in playing DO and especially in using our Bot. You must be able to help others to get the bot running and to help them fix their problems.

To become a supporter join our Discord server and introduce yourself to an developer. Tell what languages are you speaking; whats your native language; for how long have you played DO; and how experienced you are.