About our bot, us and our wonderful community.


PBDO-BOT is the most trusted DarkOrbit bot. It's developed using mostly custom technology to ensure maximal safety for your account. To stay undetected we have to go new and even curious ways. So if you're part of DarkOrbits team bear with us, developing this piece of software is challenging, educating and much fun. Visit our FAQ to learn more about PBDO-BOT.


Latest versions of the bot include the following features:

  • ✓ 
    Collects BonusBoxes, EventBoxes, PirateBooty and Ores
  • ✓ 
    Auto repair and fly back to previous map
  • ✓ 
    Auto activate cloaking CPU
  • ✓ 
    Activates and repairs PET and uses Gears
  • ✓ 
    Flees from attacks and auto heals on low HP
  • ✓ 
    Hunts and kills NPCs
  • ✓ 
    Runs in the background, so you can use you PC for other things
  • ✓ 
    Minimap, stats and log to see what the bot is doing
  • ✓ 
    0 banned users so far

News & Updates

News, updates and announcements are regularly posted on our Discord server. If there is something important to know or interesting to see, whether it's the next big update our any issue that will be fixed soon, you'll find it there.


You should really join our awesome community on Discord. We discuss all day long how to improve the bot. We play and rule the Orbit together. Discord is also the place to get support and help. We listen to users suggestions and try to implement features they wish.


The PBDO Team consits of a few developers and a decent amount of supporters. While the developers are constantly crafting new features and fixing bugs, supportes listen to the community and help them to get the bot up and running. You can meet both by joining our discord server. Read our FAQ to learn how to become part of the team yourself.